Hose & Reel Products not only provides standard reels but also specially designed seaworthy reels for offshore numerous applications like preloading, jack-up vessels, bubble curtains and cooling systems.

We can deliver and secure:

  • Custom made reel, engineered to meet your wishes
  • Complete project management
  • The complete package: reel, hose, controls and everything the client wishes
  • Fast delivery time
  • Especially build for offshore environments
  • Available materials:  steel, stainless steel 304 and 316, aluminum
  • Powered by: air, hydraulic, electric or manual
  • Meets the highest international standards
  • Safer environment onboard conform European and Worldwide regulations concerning the storage of hoses and cables
  • All kinds of coatings and colors

Hose & Reel Products BV is the only Reel manufacturer that provides his customers the convenience of a standard reel with the applications of a full customized reel according to their purposes. Craftsmanship is our highest priority.

Download here the flyer of the Offshore industry reels.