Mining reels

Hose & Reel  Products BV is the leading European designer and manufacturer of tailor made, high quality hose and cable reels for heavy industry and mining. We have experience in numerous different mines like coal, copper and iron mines, is enormous and we believe that we will always find a solution for the clients problem. Our design and production process gives us the possibility to design a reel according to the sizes that the machine requires.

We can deliver:

  • Reel system suitable for hazardous and underground applications.
  • All kinds of dimensions, which are perfectly suited for small working areas.
  • Can be powered in every way depending on what is provided in the mine.
  • Reel can be used for any kind of medium like:
    • Water for cleaning,  temporary groundwater discharge
    • Air for pneumatic tools, air supply
    • Oil for hydraulic tools and machines
    • Electricity for electric tools, lights
    • Communications
  • Available materials: steel, stainless steel 304 & 316.
  • The reels meet the highest European and Worldwide safety regulations.
  • All parts of the reel are made ATEX proof.  This reduces the chance of explosions.
  • Every kind of paint and coating can be applied.

Hose & Reel Products BV is the a European reel manufacturer that provides his customers the convenience of a standard reel with the applications of a fully customized according to their purposes.

Download here the flyer of the mining industry reels.