Jack-up vessels

Hose & Reel Products BV is a European company who can deliver a complete custom made solution for providing a constant supply of sea-water on board for all kinds of vessels. Jack-up vessels are a basis for maintenance and installation of wind parks and oil or gas fields. The ship needs a constant flow of seawater to cool it’s engines but when the ship is lifting this can be a  problem, because the height of the ship is constantly changing. We designed the perfect solution for this matter by making any kind of sea-worthy reel system, custom made to the clients wishes.

We can deliver:

  • The complete package, not only the reel but also all additional demands the client desires, like hoses, pumps and programming.
  • Almost no limitations in reel and hose sizes.
  • All cables and hoses bound together on one reel to increase efficiency and safety, and securing the bending radius.
  • Safer environment onboard conform European and Worldwide regulations concerning the storage of hoses and cables.
  • Can be powered in every way depending on what is provided onboard.
  • Manual or fully automated and independent system.
  • To be used in every environment and situation.
  • Lifetime of hose is greatly increased when stored on reel.

We as a specialist of custom made reels aim to give you a clear view of our capabilities. The reels are build to last a lifetime use in the off-shore environment. Hose & Reel Products BV can deliver a  unlimited variety of custom made seaworthy reels, especially in the offshore industry.

Download here the flyer of the Jack-up vessels