Helicopter refuelling reel

Hose & Reel Products is a specialist in desiging and manufacturing of tailor made, high quality refuelling and grounding reels for the helicopter market. We can deliver BOP hose reels and grounding reels. There is a special grounding reel designed for the refuelling of helicopters with a resistance rate lower than 0,5 Ohm/100m.

The strength of Hose & Reel Products BV is that all our engineering and building facility’s are made for special design applications. The quality management system is very close attached between customer, design department and manufacturing process, therefore we can provide an easy assembly system for the reel. Our range of fuel reels is enormous and we believe that we will always find a solution for the client’s problem.

Whatever your needs, we have the solution:

  • All kind of dimensions are possible, also for larger diameter hoses and long lengths for refuelling.
  • Can be powered in every way depending on what is provided or available.
  • Available materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic and aluminium.
  • The reels meet the highest European an Worldwide safety regulations.
  • All parts of the reel can be made ATEX proof. This reduces the chance of explosions.
  • Every kind of paint and coatings can be applied.
  • We can deliver the complete package: Hoses, Couplings, refuelling guns, grounding reels, flow meters, etc.
  • Manufactured it for easy install.

What is the advantage of reels instead of other methods:

  • User friendly.
  • Compact (small footprint).
  • Saving time (unrolling and rolling).
  • High lifetime.
  • No more danger of unstored loose hoses on the workplace after the refuelling.

If there are any questions please contact us and we will help you to meet your needs. Download here the flyer to the helicopter refuelling reel.