Food industry

Hose & Reel Products is a specialist in designing hose and cable reels for all kinds of food industries, like factories, kitchens, dairy, warehouses, etc. For years Hose & Reel Products is operating in this market and achieved many  goals by supplying our clients with high quality reels.

We can deliver and secure:

  • A safe and hygienic way to store and use hoses and cables
  • Very wide and large range of standard reels
  • Standard reels can be customised easily
  • Reels and hoses can be provided with antibacterial coatings
  • Competitive pricing level and short delivery time for a high quality reel
  • Easy assembly system
  • All reels meet the highest international quality and safety standards
  • Available materials: steel, stainless steel 304 or 316L and aluminium

Hose & Reel Products is one of the few reel manufacturers that provides his customer the convenience of a standard reel with the applications of a full customized reel according to their purposes.