Reels for Fire Trucks

Hose & Reel Products is a specialist in designing hose and cable reels for fire trucks. Our experience in numerous different scopes for fire trucks is enormous and we believe that we will always find a solution for the client’s problem.

We can deliver:

  • All kinds of dimensions and perfectly suited for small working areas.
  • Can be powered in every way depending on what is provided or required.
  • Reel can be used, also with high working pressures, for any kind of medium like:
    • Water or foam for fire fighting.
    • Temporary groundwater discharge.
    • Air for pneumatic tools, air supply.
    • Oil for hydraulic tools and machines.
    • Electricity for electric tools, lights.
    • Communications.
  • Available materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, aluminum and plastic.
  • The reels meet the highest European and Worldwide safety regulations.
  • All parts of the reel can be made ATEX proof. This reduces the chance of explosions.
  • Every kind of paint and coating can be applied.

Hose & Reel Products is one of the few reel manufacturers that provides his customer the convenience of a standard reel with the applications of a full customized reel according to their purposes.

Download here the flyer of the fire fighting reels.