HRP Air Bubble System

When constructing and working in an offshore environment, there are lots of dangers to be counting with. But not only for your employees but also for the environment and sea life. Therefore a new solution has been invented: The HRP Air Bubble system. The concept can be used in all kind of situations like oil spills, insulating and reduction of shock and sound waves and fending of animals without harming them. Hose & Reel Products is one of the few European companies who are able to deliver a full solution for this.

We can deliver and secure:

  • The full package: Hose, reel , control unit, etc. Ready to be easily mounted on any ship
  • Sound wave reduction of approximately 15% per system
  • Less animal are harmed by sound waves
  • The HRP Air Bubble System prevents spilled oil from spreading
  • Easy deployment
  • Multi unit system: When there are more reels installed on a ship. Multiple Air Bubble Systems can be used and deployed at the same time, increasing the efficiency.

We as specialist of customer made reels aim to give you an clear view of our capabilities. The reels are build to last a lifetime use in the offshore environment. Hose and Reel Products can deliver a large variety of tailor made seaworthy reels, especially in the offshore industry, that can be called unlimited.