Recent projects

Large Cable Reels

These storage reels have a capacity for 7000 meter 60mm diameter cable used for deep sea seismographic research. The smaller reels are used for re-fuelling.[meer...]

Reels for the Mining Industry

These tailor made reels are specially designed for mounting on small trucks to operate under extreme circumstances in for example copper mines.[meer...]

Reels for re-fuelling

Stainless Steel construction with ATEX proof 24V motor retraction. We have these reels always on stock to assure very quick delivery if vessels are in the dock for maintenance.[meer...]

Sea water Cooling System

Reels for a sea cooling system build on a jack-up vessel.[meer...]

Bunker Station Reels

Hose & Reel Products can provide all kind of reels for bunker stations. We deliver this as  a total concept, included hoses for various liquids, such as diesel, waste or potable water etc.[meer...]